Free Cat Toys That Your Kitty Will Love

Play is an essential aspect of your kitten’s development. Through play, a kitten learns basic survival skills like how to stalk, catch, kill and be assertive. If you are reading this you don’t plan on turning your kitty loose to fend for itself. However, if you are new to the world of cat play, then here’s some tips to get you started that won’t cost you a penny.

Most cats, adult and kitten, enjoy the hunt and to wrestle and kick the dickens out of something. They’ll do the when you aren’t around, but even more when you are present. It’s like they want to be sure you know how to hunt too.

Indeed, if you don’t provide an outlet for your cat’s behavior, your cat will find one. Have you had your naked toes ‘captured’ from under the bathroom door? How about charging into the newspaper while you are reading it? While this may be a bit unnerving for you, it’s all good cat play. Scratch and Purr

Playing with your cat strengthens the bond between you and your cat. Besides, it’s just plain good for both of you. Studies show that people benefit from petting and playing with animals. Examples of this are lowering your blood pressure and reducing your heart rate. Cats that exercise regularly are less inclined to turn into a fat cat. Exercise also promotes healthy joints and reduces the risk of arthritis in cats.

Moving objects are the favorite prey of cats. You’ll also discover that you cat prefers some toys over others. Even though you can fill a cornucopia with commercial cat toys, you can find plenty of free stuff that your cat will love to play with, In fact, they actually prefer many natural toys over the man-made fake stuff.

Here’s a couple ideas for free cat toys to get your fun started. Tonight when you get home from work and have the attention of your kitty, drop a couple of ice cubes in her water bowl (leave the bowl on the floor and not up on a counter.) Make sure she sees you do this, in fact, use your finger to poke the cubes around in the water bowl. If she doesn’t follow suit, then move to stage two. Get a couple of ice cubes and slide them across the floor to your kitty. Yup, she’ll catch on and start batting away at these soon to disappear free cat toys. Nothing like playtime to keep your cat’s joints limber!

You can get a similar reaction using an empty toilet paper roll and empty thread spools. Just be careful of using something your kitty can accidentally swallow. Stay away from buttons, rubber bands and paper clips. There’s just too much chance that those small objects will end up going down her mouth.

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