January Horoscopes – 2012

Horoscope is the astrological map of heavens linked to the time and place of anyone’s birth. It is a kind of map that appears like a two-dimensional chart. It describes the position of Sun, Moon and Planets at the precise moment of your birth. Earth moves from west to east. Hence, Sun appears to be moving from east to west. This 360 degree circle is divided into 12 Zodiacs of 30 degree each. All these single parts are called zodiac signs. The horoscope spread is the type of spread used in tarot reading.

Horoscope spread is famous among astrologers. It symbolizes the entire life of an individual and it is excellent tool for general reading. Starting with the first house of horoscope spread lay the cards in the circle and place one card in each of the twelve houses. Most readers place the final card at the center of the circle as an overall indication of the entire spread. Some readers prefer to start with the center card signifying the core question and then laying twelve cards in twelve houses of horoscope surrounding the central card.

Horoscope Spread Reading:

Below are some tips for reading the horoscope tarot spread.

• Determine the astrological sign of the person and try to get the accurate chart of person’s sun sign for the truly accurate reading of the person’s horoscope.

• Shuffle the deck by yourself or ask the person to shuffle. Check the deck until you feel completely comfortable with the shuffling.

• Deal the cards in the circle. Place twelve cards in the circle beginning with the clockwise ending at top of the circle. Lay the face of the cards down and don’t turn them over until you begin your horoscope reading.

• Turn each card one by one and interpret the meaning of each card to reflect the influence of astrological sign of the person.

• Your interpretation depends on your understanding of card meanings and your divination skills. Be creative with your reading and read the cards in the right way. Try to involve the person into your reading to extrapolate the content. gemini horoscope

The tarot cards of horoscope spread represent the twelve zodiac signs as follows:

• Card 1: Aries – It represents personality, appearance and outlook of life

• Card 2: Taurus – Financial matters and material possessions

• Card 3: Gemini – Matters of communication

• Card 4: Cancer – Old age, endings and home environment

• Card 5: Leo – Children, heart and creativeness

• Card 6: Virgo – Health and hygiene

• Card 7: Libra – Marriage and partnerships

• Card 8: Scorpio – Death and losses

• Card 9: Sagittarius – Travel and dreams

• Card 10: Capricorn – Career and ambitions

• Card 11: Aquarius – Friendships and association

• Card 12: Pisces – Self undoing and karma

The horoscope tarot spread will help you in an attempt to know the possible situations in your future. This type of free tarot reading gives a long overview of person’s life and it is good to do it once a year, probably on your birthday, New Year, or whatever day is significant to you. It is also good idea to write down what cards forecast so that you can refer it back as the year progresses.



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