PSA: Prostate Cancer Level Indicator Or Worthless Blood Test?

If you are wondering about your PSA, prostate cancer risks, and if getting it tested is going to be worth the time and money, then this article might help.

Listen to this:

There are a lot of myths about the relationship between your levels of PSA, prostate cancer and other problems down there in your nether region. And, it used to be that getting a PSA test was considered the best way to know if your prostate health was any good or not.

But, is this the case anymore?

I do not really believe it is.

Yes, high levels of PSA in your blood may mean you have prostate cancer. level switch manufacturer

Or, it might not mean anything.

Truth is, there have been people who have had sky high PSA levels in their blood, only to have a perfectly healthy prostate (not even bph or prostatitis). And, there have also been people who have had great PSA blood levels that nobody would think there are any problems at all, yet still ended up having prostate cancer and all the pain and suffering it can bring with it.

Does this mean it is a worthless indicator of prostate health?

Not at all!

You should definitely get your PSA levels checked regularly — especially if prostate problems (and cancer) run in your family, and if any of your immediate family members have problems in that area (like your dad, brother, uncles, grandparents, etc).

But it is not the only test to take.

And if you are wondering how your levels of PSA, prostate cancer and all this fits together, you have to look at your other warning signs and symptoms.

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