Public Blood Pressure Machines – Are They Accurate?

How to do blood pressure test Using Bp Check Machine


At home, many people have a bp monitor. They do so frequently to manage or treat a specific health issue. With the help of a doctor you can examine if your blood pressure medicines are working. Taking your blood pressure at home is a simple way to improve your health.


What do I need to take my blood pressure readings at home?


You can use an aneroid (manual) or digital bp check machine at home to check your blood pressure.


  • Size: It’s critical to have the right cuff size. The length of your arm determines the cuff size you need. BP readings may go wrong if the cuff size is not right. 
  • It’s probable that price will play a role in the decision. 
  • To get the greatest deal, you might want to conduct some comparison shopping. Remember that the most costly equipment isn’t necessarily the best or most exact. The figures on the monitor should be easily visible and readable.

How can I know whether my bp machine is correct and if I’m using it correctly?

Have your equipment verified by your doctor once you’ve purchased it to confirm it’s accurate. The importance of good maintenance and storage cannot be overstated. Store the tubing carefully. Also, ask your doctor for a demonstration of the machine. 

What is the best way to use a blood pressure machine to check my blood pressure?

  • To relieve yourself, go to the bathroom.
  • Allow yourself 3 to 5 uninterrupted minutes of rest.
  • Sit comfortably with your spine straight. 
  • Raise your left arm up to your heart. Place it on a desk or table while still sitting.
  • The cuff’s smoothness and security are critical. One finger ought to be able to easily slide beneath the cuff.
  • Place the cuff correctly. Its bottom edge should be one inch over your elbow crease.


Being able to check blood pressure at the comfort of your home without any hassle to visit the doctor every now and then surely benefits your time and is probably the right thing to do. Given today’s stressful lifestyle and the frequent health issues that arise,it’s always good to keep a track of your health and especially for people who suffer with blood pressure related problems.  If you are looking for a blood pressure machine  and want to check out the bp machine price, we have a vast collection at Dr Trust

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