Safe Driving – Why Do Automobile Drivers Purposely Torment Truck Drivers?

Some of the challenges and attitudes a truck driver deals with constantly all day long physically and emotionally drains the driver and makes it seem as if he did pull the load with his own power.

The drivers slow down on purpose to cause the big truck to have to hit the brakes for no reason. Some drivers who purposely torment the big rig driver are stopped at a traffic light too long, a big truck is approaching slower to avoid coming to a complete stop, when the traffic light changes and the motorist starts and then stops or hits his brakes, causing the big truck to make a hard stop, and the motorist smiles as he/she drives away.

Drivers are traveling at the speed limit and as they start up a hill and suddenly they slow down causing the big truck to lose his forward momentum.

If the driver that jumps in front of the tractor trailer and slows down would just think for a moment, he/she is not only slowing down the tractor trailer but the vehicles behind the big truck as well.

The driver who conducts himself in such a manner and causes the problems and drives off, now the truck driver has to regain his speed and the traffic behind the truck gets upset with the truck driver and they have no idea what just happened in front. Clackmann Weather

If the driver that does this would think just a little bit more, how would he like to be the driver behind the tractor trailer who now has to go even slower while the tractor trailer regains its speed?

Drivers are aware that they are slowing traffic down, when the big truck finally gets space to change lanes to pass the much slower car, the car now speeds up above the speed limit to prevent the truck from passing. Drivers entering the Interstate enter traffic as if they are turning onto another side street.

These motorists also display the same attitude as the other drivers who press the brake when they should be pressing the gas. Drivers who are getting onto the highway or the interstate with a cell phone pressed to their left ear holding a conversation if these drivers continue this type of conduct behind the wheel of any vehicle entering the expressway could cause a serious accident. Most of the time, in my experience, the driver who does this only looks back at the oncoming traffic seconds before they actually are about to get into traffic.

The unsafe driver of the oncoming vehicle was not aware that the truck driver or any other driver has slowed up to allow them the room they should need to enter traffic safely because they are so tied up with the phone.

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