Salter 1400 Kitchen Nutritional Scale Review

The Salter Kitchen Nutritional Scale comes highly recommended on many levels and has received raving customer reviews. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye, ergonomic, and can easily fit on kitchen weighing scale any kitchen counter, adding beauty and style to your home décor. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also highly functional.

Great for diabetics, body builders, nutritionists, and those counting calories, the Salter Kitchen Nutritional Scale comes fully loaded with a database of 900 foods. It can calculate all of the following values for each food, including: calories, fat, cholesterol, fiber, protein, sodium, and carbohydrates. The Salter Kitchen Nutritional Scale uses a code system and comes with an easy to understand catalog. Simply type in the code of the food you’re looking for information on and it will bring up the nutritional values, easy as pie.

The Salter Kitchen Nutritional Scale can weigh items up to 3 kg and weighs in increments of.1 ounce or 1 gram. It can weigh both dry and liquid ingredients and can help you track nutritional intake. Right out of the box, it takes about 5 minutes to learn all of the different functional features of this scale. All together, this salter scale is easy to use and well worth the price. It also makes a great gift for the health nut in your life, someone with specific nutritional needs due to a medical condition, or an avid dieter.

Additional product specifications:


  • 10 year warranty included
  • Removable clear stainless steel weighing tray included
  • Read out in both English and metric units
  • GP Heavy Duty 9V battery included

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